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Please make sure that the Safety Handout is given to the equipment user to read. The Safety Handout should also be given to the site supervisor if the equipment is being hired for commercial use so that the information is available to all users. Before starting any job, be sure to spend a few minutes planning and understanding the hazards and risks of the activity and determining how you will control them to prevent injury or damage.


Required Safety Equipment:

  • Foot protection

  • Hearing protection

  • Head protection

  • Protective clothing

Pre-start Checks and Safety:

  • Fuel tank is full (diesel)

  • Correct oil levels – engine and hydraulics

  • Correct coolant level

  • Check grease points lubricated

  • Check for hydraulic and engine oil leaks

  • Check correct bucket for job

  • Operate on even and level ground only

  • Check the worksite before commencing work for underground services

  • Ensure the machine is sized for the job

  • Keep machine level when operating

  • Do not allow inexperienced people to operate machine

  • Keep people away from worksite

  • Do not overload bucket

  • Do not leave engine running or with boom in the air when unattended
    or out of the driver’s seat

  • Do not allow people to ride on the machine

  • Ensure you have a minimum of four metres clearance when operating close to overhead wires

  • Keep clear of beams, branches and other people on site, etc.

  • Take extreme care on slippery surfaces and when loading and unloading machine onto trailers

  • Do not use in confined areas



Any customer performing work involving asbestos is required to have an Asbestos Removal Plan as per New Zealand Guidelines for the Management and Removal of Asbestos. This includes procedures for decontaminating equipment and notifying affected parties of the potential hazard. If you are using this machine for asbestos work you must notify Down & Dirty Diggers and you are required to provide evidence of decontamination prior to returning it. It is an offence under the H&S Act not to do so.


Operating Instructions




Starting Procedure:

  1. Ensure safety lock lever is in the ‘UP’ position
    as this disengages all controls

  2. Move throttle dial to 1/3 throttle position

  3. Cold start – turn ignition key to the left to the
    manual glow position and hold for 20 seconds

  4. Start engine

  5. Check warning lights are out and all gauges are within their operating range

  6. Return throttle dial to idle position and let engine warm up for five minutes


When Operating:

  • Operate this machine on even and level ground only

  • The dozer blade is always considered to be the front of the machine

  • Adjust and fasten the seatbelt

  • Engage safety lock lever when mounting and dismounting the machine

  • Familiarize yourself with the operations of the levers

  • Ensure the correct bucket is fitted for the job

  • This machine can only be used for lifting purposes if it has a certified lifting point.


Stopping and After Use:

  • Park the machine in a safe place

  • Lower bucket and blade onto the ground

  • Engage safety lever lock

  • Move throttle dial to idle and allow engine to cool down for three minutes

  • Turn off ignition

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